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Mia Montenegro: Manifesto

* Independent Musician's Manifesto *

"We believe in every individual's power to express themselves, and we believe strongly that we benefit as a culture by hearing as many of these voices as possible.

To us, this means there has to be alternatives to the major labels. Major labels are fine at what they do; actually they are terrific at it. But let's face it, they can only do it for a small number of people. So, it is up to rest of us that don't happen to sound like Limp Bisquit or look like Britney Spears to pave our own way - either we do it ourselves or it ain't getting done."

(Shawn Mullins - SMG Records)


While hesitant to write something resembling a "real" bio, I have had people asking me a few things over the years, as well as of late - so to clear some things up, here's a little Q & A session I've come up with -

Q : Are you a vegetarian?
A : Absolutely NOT! However, I do not eat any red meat - only chicken, turkey and fish. Other foods I dislike, cannot, or will not eat include - mushrooms, shellfish, mayonnaise, onions, and a lot more that I won't go into at this time.

Q : What's your favorite color?
A : Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT black! ;) But I'm not telling here either.

Q : Are you Italian?
A : No, despite my first name, I am not Italian, and despite my last name, I am not Hispanic. Nor am I Greek or Native American, which are some other guesses people have come up with. I am an American and a true Milwaukeean. (But made in Canada) ;)

Q : Have you retired from the music business?
A : Again, ABSOLUTELY NOT! However, due to the facts and realities of both my mother's illness and subsequent passing, as well as the hyperacusis and tinnitus affecting my ears, music and performing live have had to take a back seat in my life. However, at this very moment, I am STILL writing and recording for my next solo album. And I do have some things in the works regarding performing live again with some other musicians on a part-time level.

Q : Who are your favorite singers?
A : Too many to list - BUT - I will say two at the top on my list are David Phelps and Alison Moyet. Apologies to anyone who thinks my high standards of vocal quality and performance (i.e. people who can sing in key with perfect or near-perfect pitch, and those who enunciate well and can be clearly understood) compromises my pseudo-alternative, angst-ridden, tortured artist persona. ;) To those I say - Bugger off!

Q : Do you have any other special talents or quirks we should know about?
A : Ha!!! Well…I can juggle - yes, really I can and I do. I'm not sure if this is a quirk, but I am totally anally retentive about being punctual (as in, when you are required to be somewhere at a particular time) - I'm always either a little early, or within seconds of being exactly on time. And I expect the same out of my peeps! ;)


Mia plays, uses and/or endorses the following equipment -